About us...

Our current President and CEO, Ric Marshall, founded us over thirty years ago. We remain independently owned and operated so that we may serve you and your customers at the high standards for which we have earned our reputation.

Our main focus is on enabling community banks to offer highly competitive life insurance products from financially sound insurance carriers. We serve bankers and their third party marketing groups in fourteen Midwestern and Mountain states with more growth in area and volume on the way. We only place companies at your disposal whose insurance products rank in the top 5% of any national comparison, and those selected carriers must be rated "A" (Excellent) or higher by A.M. Best or equivalent by other rating agencies.

Our primary carrier is Ameriscan General Life Insurance Company, a member of American International Group (AIG). You will find further details regarding financial information about American General Life, and other carriers under "Financial Ratings" in this website.

We also have affiliations with a number of other carriers for various niche markets and specialized situations. This capability includes access to a number of impaired and special risk markets.

Our signature service to our bankers is our Paperless App program. As more regulations and consumer protection measures are added to the application and underwriting process, the paperwork burden and technical demands are enormous. Recognizing that your main business is banking and that time spent doing insurance paperwork can detract from your profitability, we do all of the application, documentation, and other back room work associated with your customer's application for insurance for you! Furthermore, there is no reduction in commissions for this service!

Our strengths that you will find most useful and profitable for your operations include:

  • Handcrafted Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Complete underwriting tracking and support
  • Creditor and Key Executive program design
  • Impaired risk and substandard shopping program
  • Loan insurance for all types of loan products
  • Customer base marketing programs
  • Matching the appropriate product to your customer's needs
  • Policyowner services
  • Consultation in estate planning and business succession issues
  • Top commissions

The best thing that our Producers and General Agents have found about working with our company is the knowledge, experience, and responsiveness of our people to the very specialized situations in which you and your organization work. We hope that you will utilize those benefits frequently. You will strengthen customer relationships AND your bottom line!